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The scheme of work on the DVD plots the progress of gymnastics skills development through Foundation years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each Unit of Work offers an overview of the featured gymnastics activities with focused learning intentions and outcomes.




Foundation Stage:

Introducing basic gymnastics shapes and actions.

Unit 1 - Space, Listening Pose, Movement Patterns and Basic Shapes

Unit 2 - Basic Shapes and Balances: Stretch Shape, Tuck Shape and Star Shape

Unit 3 - Encouraging Safe Dismounts

Unit 4 - Early Rolling Techniques and Climbing


Key Stage 1:

Developing gymnastics-specific skills and actions, composing basic sequences.

Unit 5 - Balances on Large and Small Body Parts alongside Skipping

Unit 6 - Basic Shapes, Additional Rolling Techniques and Climbing

Unit 7 - Jump, Land and Travel


Key Stage 2: 

Applying learnt gymnastics skills to themed ideas.

Unit 8 - Mix 'n' Mingle Balances

Unit 9 - Symmetry and Group Balances

Unit 10 - Partner Up and Roll

Unit 11 - Flighted Foot Patterns

Unit 12 - Building Boxes and Bridges

Unit 13 - Mirror, Match and Canon

Unit 14 - Push, Pull and Skip

Unit 15 - All Change

Unit 16 - Rock, Roll and Invert


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Teaching Resource - Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics

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