Creative Gymnastics - whole day course overview

Creative Gymnastics differs from traditional gymnastics programs in that it simplifies instructing technical gymnastics-specific skills by introducing a gymnastics formula:


Shape + Action = Gymnastics Skill

Straddle Shape + Rolling Action = Straddle Roll



A Creative Gymnastics whole day training will cover the following:

  • Learning the properties of 5 basic gymnastics shapes
  • Applying actions to shapes
    • Roll and Rolling Techniques
    • Invert and Inversions, turning upside down
    • Jump and Land and the importance of safe landings
    • Balance including a medley of Individual, Partner and Group Balances
    • Travelling
  • Gymnastics-specific warm up games
  • Safe transference of skills and activities from floor to large apparatus
  • Implementing hand apparatus
  • Themed activities and compositional ideas
  • Linking gymnastics with classroom based learning (Cross-curricular and ICT tasks)


Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics:

Schools and teachers will benefit from the bound-in DVD in Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics which contains a unique set of pictorial resources and short video clips that compliment the book and will prove invaluable to experienced and inexperienced teachers and pupils. Inclusive of a scheme of work (YrR - Yr6) the teaching resource provides a complete package for all teachers where the structure of individual units of work allows children to work at their own level and learn at their own pace.

Group balance - pike shapes on different body parts


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Teaching Resource - Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics

A valuable teaching resource, complete with Scheme of Work designed to assist teachers and sports coaches to deliver high quality gymnastics in primary schools.


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