Creative Gymnastics for schools and teachers

'The course has given me more knowledge and fresh ideas on how to keep my lessons motivating and fun' 

Sandy Sefani, British School of Paris, St Germain

'We found Lindsay to be very professional and organised from start to finish'

Eddie Ray MD, Progressive Sports Ltd

'I now feel much more confident when teaching gymnastics and that the children are experiencing more challenging and fun lessons'

Douglas McGregor, Specialist PE Teacher


Creative Gymnastics provides schools and teachers in primary education with training for a sustainable gymnastics program that is progressive, easy and fun to deliver with an attainable challenge for pupils. Innovatively teaching gymnastics through a formula and resourceful in ideas and themes sets this program apart from a traditional approach to gymnastics in schools that lacks creativity.


Creative Gymnastics...

  • Is curriculum attentive.
  • Utilises large and hand apparatus readily available in most schools.
  • Improves key physical attributions such as balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.
  • Socially themed ideas encourage children to value the contribution of all team members and promote leadership and cooperation skills.
  • Structure of individual units of work allows children to work at their own level and learn at their own pace.
  • Provides many ideas that link gymnastics activities directly with classroom based education combining and extending learning fluently and effortlessly.


 It is the simplicity of ideas embraced by basic gymnastics that makes Creative Gymnastics unique.

Basic gymnastics shapes on wall bars


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Teaching Resource - Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics

A valuable teaching resource, complete with Scheme of Work designed to assist teachers and sports coaches to deliver high quality gymnastics in primary schools.


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