Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics

'My year 5's particularly enjoyed the paired partner work and I am currently working on Flighted Foot Patterns with year 4's'

James Wells, Dorchester Primary School, Surrey



Inspiring teachers to teach gymnastics with confidence and creativity.


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ISBN-10: 0736086587

ISBN-13: 978-0736086585

Both novice and experienced teachers will find this an invaluable teaching resource:


  • Step-by-step instruction for teaching basic gymnastics skills
  • A systematic approach that focuses on five basic gymnastics shapes (stretch/straight, tuck, star, straddle, pike) and five actions (balance, roll, invert, travel, jump and land) to develop gymnastics skills
    • Gymnastics shape + gymnastics action = gymnastics skill
  • A comprehensive source of creative ideas and themes
  • DVD - plethoa of pictorial resource cards
  • DVD - video clips of all gymnastics shapes and techniques
  • Scheme of Work (YrR-Yr6) that is progressive building from year to year
  • National curriculum attentive
  • Instruction on how to use to utilise large apparatus and hand apparatus
  • Cross-curricular links and ICT tasks

This comprehensive resource explains how physical development patterns influence learning, provides warm-up and cool-down activities and themed games, details how to teach basic gymnastics shapes and techniques and explains how to incorporate large apparatus and hand apparatus into lessons. All the games and techniques are accompanied by photos or illustrations. Pupils learn the correct use of gymnastics vocabulary and they expand their social skills developing communication and leadership skills as they work with partners and in small groups. Pupils not only develop foundational skills that will benefit them in any sport they choose, but they also learn about their bodies, develop cognitive skills and increase self-confidence and self-esteem as they learn new skills.


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Teaching Resource - Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics

A valuable teaching resource, complete with Scheme of Work designed to assist teachers and sports coaches to deliver high quality gymnastics in primary schools.


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